Tigers vs. SMU Watch Party!

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Happy New Year!

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Christmas Brunch Buffet

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Thanksgiving Feast!

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Please join us to celebrate and give thanks this Thanksgiving!DTMemTksgvg2014

Easter Brunch

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Easter Brunch

Come Meet the Easter Bunny! Call for Reservations now! 901-969-7777.

New Menu!!!!

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Come check out some new offerings; like Chicken & Waffles, Banging Shrimp, Fish Tacos, and much much more!

Ghost River Beer on Tap at Lynchburg Legends, Memphis!

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In 1887, Memphis first tapped the now famous Memphis Sands Aquifer. Recharged by the Ghost River’s fragile wetlands, the aquifer has supplied Memphis with a steady and consistent supply of excellent drinking water ever since.

Ghost River Brewing knows that “great water makes great beer.” And some of the greatest drinking water on earth is available right here in west Tennessee.

Brewing locally guarantees that every handcrafted, full-flavored Ghost River Ale is the freshest beer available . . . and when it comes to flavor, freshness means everything!

Ghost River Brewing supports the Wolf River Conservancy by donating a portion of the proceeds of every barrel sold.

Help Ghost River Brewing and the Wolf River Conservancy protect our local, natural resources and the quality of our famous drinking water.

Ghost River Brewing


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