Some FAQ’s About Jack Daniel’s

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Where can I obtain food and drink recipes using Jack Daniel’s?

Several Jack Daniel’s cookbooks are available through the Lynchburg Hardware and General Store, which accepts domestic orders only at 1-888-221-JACK. You can also visit the Recipes section of our web site.

What are the calorie, sugar, and gluten contents of Jack Daniel’s?

Jack Daniel’s Black Label Tennessee Whiskey has no carbohydrates (sugar or starch), gluten, fats, or cholesterol, as these are removed in the distilling process. One fluid ounce of Jack Daniel’s contains approximately 65 calories.

Is my Jack Daniel’s tin box an antique?

Our tin boxes are “antique replicas” that have been produced since the early 1970s. We use them for our “holiday packages,” which are sold in selected stores around Christmas. Now and then folks tell us they find the tin boxes at flea markets, garage sales, and even antique stores; however, they would not be considered authentic antiques.

Where can I buy Jack Daniel’s stock?

Jack Daniel’s is owned by Brown-Forman Corporation. Two classes of Brown-Forman stock (Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Shareholders reside in all 50 states and 22 countries. Check with your stockbroker for additional details.

Is Jack Daniel’s a bourbon?

Jack Daniel’s is not a bourbon – it’s a Tennessee Whiskey. Jack Daniel’s is dripped slowly – drop-by-drop – through ten feet of firmly packed charcoal (made from hard sugar maple) before going into new charred oak barrels for aging. This special process gives Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey its rare smoothness. It’s this extra step – charcoal mellowing – that makes Jack Daniel’s a Tennessee Whiskey.

What is Jack Daniel’s Green Label Tennessee Whiskey?

Jack Daniel’s Green Label is a lighter, less mature whiskey with a lighter color and character. The barrels selected for Green Label tend to be on the lower floors and more toward the center of the warehouse where the whiskey matures more slowly.

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